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This page details things I like to do.  Also see my entertainment page.




I grew up in Arizona for most of my life, hating the heat for the first while and loving it in the end.  You can blame my AZ upbringing for my drive to move back to someplace WARM!  (and SUNNY!)  California here I come!




Visit this page to learn about my recent move and plans for the future.




I was raised Lutheran, specifically ELCA.  I now attend a non-denominational church.  Read this page for more detail.




This page details media interests and preferred genres.  Also see my Activities page.




Go here to see useful tips on how to use this website.



Home / Main

Self-explanatory really - this is the main home page for the website.




My current letter to family and friends.



Letters List

Archive of my letters.  Moving forward I will update the current letter to new text and archive each past letter here as I go.  If I can find some time I would also like to post the text from my past holiday postal mass-mailings.




Discussion of my plans to teach / tutor / train and links to math sites.




I was born in Nebraska and lived there the first few years of my life.  (Explains a lot, doesn't it?  Actually, for the longest time I wanted to move back, but I think I'm really a West Coast girl at heart.)




Most of my photos are actually on photoaccess.com, but you can see a few highlights on this page, plus instructions on accessing the rest.



SCA - General

SCA = Society for Creative Anachronism - a group of folks who research and recreate many elements of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.



SCA - Personal

This page contains details about my personal involvement in the SCA.




I love to sing!  Read this page to see more about this passion of mine.




Visit this page to hear about the trip I took Fall '02 throughout the western and southern states of the US, as well as other recent trips.




Drizzly, wet, overcast, gray... Oops - sorry WA friends!  I went to college in Washington and lived there for (EEK!) 14 years, before finally seizing my dream to move to southern California.


 WishlistGift ideas for those who feel certain they really want to get me something.  Otherwise please PLEASE just donate something to charity (or donate some time to me to come help me deal with all the junk, ahem er I mean stuff I already own.)