Mickie's Wishlist


Since some of you typically ask me for ideas for Birthday or Christmas (Mom), I have put together the list below for some ideas.  I will add to this as time goes on, and may even remember to remove items I get.  =)  However, I seriously have too much stuff (yes Dad, some of it is junk, but some of my things really are collections!) so won't be offended by just a card or give something to charity in my name or whatever.  But whatever else you do, if you're a friend who lives in the area please try to make it to my birthday/Christmas party/open house because I do so like getting a chance to see everybody!

Also, if you think about it please let me know what things you all might like as I do so enjoy shopping for folks!
(This year the main gift for most people will be baked goods, but birthdays are still coming up...)

Currently these are in no particular order either as to preference or as to cost range, etc. 

I really have enough candles right now, likewise wine, likewise most other kitchen stuff, etc.

Misc sizes: