SCA - Personal Info


My SCA Participation:

I have been involved in the SCA for something around 9 years now - yikes!  At first I would just attend an event or two a year, but eventually I became more deeply involved by becoming the Chatelaine for my local branch.  That means I was the person that helps welcome and share information with new people.  Recently I have moved out of that branch, but some of the things I like most about the SCA include that it is a worldwide organization, and that it feels a lot like one big family.  So, now that I am in a new area I need to get involved with my local group, as soon as school calms down enough that I can make the time. In my former group I have attended some of the feasts and tournaments, as many of the scribal arts workshops as possible, and I have also been involved in a Madrigals group as well as target archery with the SCA.  I have promised the folks in WA that I will be back to visit at least twice a year, and I fully expect one of those events each year to be an SCA weekend camping event such as Lionheart's Tournament, which is a nice size and is attended by a great many people I know.  See my general SCA page for more details on other events I have enjoyed and links to SCA information.

Who I am in the SCA:

A few years ago I started putting together a persona - of a mid-15th century French lady. My name passed with the College of Heralds, so I am now known in the SCA realm as Marie-Elisabeth de Bretagne, or Marie-Elise for short. I was also able to register my personal device and badge. The device is an image associated with me personally - if displayed on a banner it lets people know I'm there (or at least that I'm camping there.)  The badge is also an image associated with me, but whereas the device is what I would display on a banner or scroll, the badge is more like a name tag, that allows me to identify objects that belong to me.

Device:         Badge:  

As a student of French culture I am very fond of the design element known as the Fleur de Lys.  So, my device has 4 fleurs-de-lys, and my badge contains a cross fleury: a cross with fleur-de-lys tips. That's how I came up with my domain name, fleur for fleur-de-lys, and essence because my other domains for tutoring, training, and crafts sales are math essence, essence of learning, and rose essence respectively. Then I realized I enjoy the pun of fleur essence [as opposed to fluorescence,] thus a new domain name was born.

See my general SCA page for more information about the SCA.