The fall after I graduated from high school I journeyed up to Tacoma, Washington to start a new life in college at the University of Puget Sound. I found beautiful greenery, nice people, and great friends, but quickly lost interest in school due to politics and power plays among the faculty. So, I graduated a year early [yes - advanced placement exam credits can actually be good for something] and then spent the next many months struggling to find a job. After working misc. retail and temp jobs I eventually got on at Microsoft and worked there for nearly 6 years.

I'm still in touch with many of my friends from college, though not as many as I once was. Within our group I used to play the role of social secretary, making sure we all had each other's info over the summer through the annual publication of my "little pink book". Since graduation many people have moved away and some of those we've all lost track of, but there are still about 20 or so I still have information for [and really should get out to see more often!]

In addition to the college friends I've kept in touch with I've made many new friends in different groups up here. See my pages on church, SCA, etc. I also have many new little friends and cousinlets under the age of 10, including my adorable Godchildren. I'm absolutely amazed at the population explosion among my close friends and family over the last several years - there must be something in the water as it seems as though everyone I know is having kids!

Alas, though I will miss all the friends and friendlets I have here, I yearn to see sunshine again, so have finally made the move to sunny southern California.  To see what my next plans are, see my Math and California pages.