Ever since taking trips out to the Pacific coast as a young girl it has been my dream to live in Southern California.  I need to be someplace that is sunny and warm, but that also has water.  Arizona was sunny and warm, and Washington has greenery and water, but California has all of the above.

Now that I've been accepted to graduate school I have lined up a place to rent, and have sold the house in Washington.  I'm looking forward to the change, if not to the ordeal of unpacking (and the remaining packing and cleaning yet to do.)  It turns out that I already have quite a network of people in California - a good friend from college lives about 20 minutes away, as does a friend of a friend and a few relatives I haven't met yet.  My best friend from grade school lives about an hour away, as do two good college friends, and a family friend's son, all in different directions though, naturally =).  My car will probably be racking up the miles in the months and years to come, especially since my Dad and school friends in AZ and my cousin in northern CA are now within a day's driving distance as well.

In addition to proximity to people I haven't seen as much while living in the Northwest, Southern California has some other wonderful attractions.  The biggest of these is the San Diego Wild Animal Park, followed closely by Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.  I can't wait to live close by to so many amazing animals!  I hear there are also exquisite gardens in the area I look forward to discovering.  Not to mention all the great beaches!  I already have my state parks pass, so I'm ready to hit the beach as often as possible.  I don't yet have my resident's pass to Disneyland, but that's next on the list.  By the way, I do have some guest space if any of you want to come visit me!

If you want to read more about where I used to live, check out the Washington, Arizona, and Nebraska pages.  (Go Cornhuskers!)