I have been a singer in one form or another all of my life. I prefer to sing in choirs [rather than doing solos,] and have participated in choir at church and school both for most of my school years. Since then I've found it a little harder to find the time for my love of music, but for the past few years I have participated in a Madrigals group with the SCA and may someday again be involved in an adult choir and/or  handbell choir at my future church. Once upon a time I took a charisms survey, [charism = divine gifts, areas God gives each of us to share with others to bring the world Joy] and I found out that Music was my highest charism. I realized that I have neglected my singing in the past, so am trying to re-commit to this important part of my life.

For those who are curious, I sing Alto, preferably Alto II [low Alto] when I can. However, within our Madrigals group depending on who's there on a given night I may sing anywhere from Soprano II to Tenor, as I usually have a decent range.

I started out with choirs at my home church in Arizona. We used to have these music learning levels that our directors would teach us through, so I learned early how to read music, a little about directing, and music theory. I never wanted to study the mechanics much beyond that, but appreciate the level of understanding and sight-reading ability that's given me that have been great assets in later choirs and choral competitions.

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