I read books [mostly Science Fiction (sci-fi) and Mystery], go out to movies, own a ton of videos and a growing collection of DVDs.   I enjoy occasionally going to plays, musicals, concerts, etc.   Not a huge fan of opera unless it's in English.

Favorite authors include:

Sci-Fi/Fantasy:  Raymond Feist, Weiss/Hickman's DeathGate Cycle, Tad Williams
Mystery:  JA Jance [novels placed in AZ and Seattle], Candice Robb [medieval mysteries]

Brigadoon is my favorite musical.  I love the movie versions I've seen and also enjoyed the live theater productions I've seen.  I'm also fond of Les Miserables.

As far as movie musicals, I'm a big fan of Sound of Music, and almost anything with Gene Kelly.

I watch way too much TV for my own good.  Favorite shows include Gilmore Girls, The OC, JAG, West Wing, StarGate SG1, and Star Trek: Voyager.

{Stay tuned for an eventual inventory of my videos and books.}

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