Winter 2016/17

Clearly this letter does not exist yet, but I am planning to work on one hopefully to mail in the new year.  Key topics: Homeschool/Preschool, puppy dog (Salty), church events, garage re-org.

Summer 2013

This letter was a major catch-up letter for the whole family, considering since 2008 we have gotten married (Mickie & Aaron), sold the condo, bought a house/moved from the apartment, grown our family with the addition of our firstborn (Sarah), had a block wall put in, and had a small addition built.

Winter 2008


Too much to list, read the letter (or at least the first big paragraph) for details.  Really quick summary is roommates married off and moved out, back doing better, read Bible through once, changed jobs, enjoying time with friends, there you go.



October 2006


2005: Left MAT program after 1 month of student teaching, found a great job again in Software Testing with a small company I love working for.  Dated a while ...

2006:  ... broke up in January.  Traveled to Europe in late Spring.  Still loving Southern California.   Moved to Carlsbad area (North San Diego County) in June, have 2 roommates. Got baptized as an adult in July.



January 2005


Started MAT, started Single Subject - Math teacher credential program, school going well but busy, starting student teaching soon.  Getting settled into CA, loving the area - always 70 and partly or fully sunny.



June 2004


Left Microsoft, traveled, got accepted to grad school, tutored SAT prep Math, temped back at Microsoft, sold the house in Washington, moved to Southern California.



August 2002


Leaving Microsoft, planning several great trips and applications to graduate school in Southern California.



December 2001


(A letter I'm not sure I ever sent.  Need to check my paper letter copies to see if I have a more complete text.  Main items should include comments on 9/11 and details about my Hawaii cruise with Mom.)



December 2000


Reverse chronology, various groups and activities.



December 1999


Time flies.