December 2001


Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a wonderful year.  My yearís been pretty good Ė busy as ever but still lots of fun.  (See the last page for a description of the groups I participate in throughout the year.)  To be mundane this year I think Iíll go in normal, chronological order to recap the year and then look forward toward the future.  Letís seeÖ



I started off the year by attending a bookbinding class with the SCA.  That was a lot of fun and now I know why hard-covers historically have those 3 ribs along the binding.  I tell you what though, sewing the pages into a book is not exactly a fast or particularly fun past time.  Covering the boards with leather and assembling the finished book was really cool, so it made up for the pain of sewing the signatures.

Mid-month I signed up for a 3 year membership at a gym, 24-hour fitness.  My membership means I have no more excuses for not going to the gym because I can literally go any time.  Over the next three months I worked on strengthening muscles, losing weight, and reducing cholesterol.   I did pretty well during that time [lost about 20 lbs, brought my cholesterol down 60 points] but havenít been back in since April,  so I need to get back into the habit of going on a regular basis in the coming year.

The third weekend of the month I went on a Ski Trip / Winter Retreat with my Pathfinders group from church.  There were only 6 of us this year but it was still a blast.  I love being around snow [occasionallyÖ]  It looks like we donít have enough folks to go this year so Iím hoping we can do some sort of Spring Retreat instead.


In February I flew back to Arizona for a family reunion on my Momís side.  (Mom was hosting.  My relatives are actually pretty well scattered across the country.)  It was really great to see so many of my family and hear stories I hadnít heard or known about before.

March: March was largely uneventful as I recall, so Iíll take this opportunity to update folks on the everyday aspects of my life.  I still work at Microsoft.  As mentioned in last yearís letter Iím now working on a product called Picture-It! in a group called HIP.Net
Note: At this point in the letter I have on my computer the text starts to look like I was still working on it, so the rest is rather stilted / brief.  See the previous letter for more news about what I planned to be up to this year.


Baronial banquet Ė Glee Club. 

Easter weekend I will be attending NorWesCon with the Order of St. Chiros] as usual.  NorWesCon is a fairly large Science-Fiction/ Fantasy genre convention in the Pacific Northwest.

June: Dad & Don visited for a few weeks.
September: 9/11 happened and the world changed.
October: Mom and I had a wonderful time on our cruise in Hawaii. See my Hawaii Photos Page for pictures.


Mickie Wehr.

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