Winter 2008

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  (And Happy Birthday to all the rest of you December babies out there!)

Wow, I guess it's been 2 years since I wrote you all last.  Well, as ever an eventful two years.  Synopsis:  Attended several weddings, both roommates moved out, finished reading the Bible cover to cover first time all the way through, took a walk with God (back is largely healed and now I can move!,) started playing Disc Golf with friends, attended (and occasionally helped coordinate) events with the Singles group (hikes, camping trips, games nights, movie nights, karaoke - it's an awesome group!,) became an officer in the local SCA group, hosted some get-togethers with friends (some of our semi-regular former roommate dinners, games nights, Ladies' Teas, etc.,) joined a D&D game, traveled a few times to visit friends and family (plus a nice vacation in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico,) attended a grade school reunion, got back in touch with several old friends, changed Bible Study locations, changed jobs (to something much closer to home and social life,) changed choirs, got a new cell phone with navigation (see the end of printed letters for new phone number information, or if you’re reading this online, e-mail me and I will send you an update,) discovered I live in a "jungle" (time to call the exterminator!,) and am working toward regular Archery and occasional Tennis and Bicycle Riding, settling in nicely to the area (I LOVE Southern California, and especially the area where I now live,) working to keep up on health and home and still tackling those boxes.  =)

There are also some things afoot in 2009, but I'm going to keep updates on those to have something for the 2009 letter.  (But if you want to know all the latest, call me!  =)

Alright, Mickie, that was a lot!  That's the end of the letter, right?  Happy Holidays and all that jazz?

Aw, c'mon now, you should all know me better than that!  The next several pages go through all the details for each of the above.  Those of you who with the attention span &/or patience of a gnat can stop here, the rest of you, please read on...


(OK, I have a bunch of pages written but not the whole thing yet, so I'm going to cut you early readers off here and will give you the go ahead on the full letter when I get it posted & send out the printed form.  =)