June 2004


Well, I finally did it!  I have finally moved to Southern California, and will be attending graduate school for a Master's in Education so I can become a math teacher.  Here's what I've been doing the past couple of years:

Fall 02:   Quit my job at Microsoft, traveled through California (visiting Disneyland with friends) to Arizona, then went with my Dad on a driving trip through the South and Civil War Battlefields.  Returned with a trailer full of stuff from the house Mom sold earlier that year, and visited more friends along the way.  See my travel page for more details.
Winter 03:   Visited family for Christmas (NE or AZ, I don't remember which), registered for classes to start prepping for applying to Master's programs. 
Spring 03/ Summer 03: Traveled to France and spent time visiting my penpal and her Mom.  Took several math classes, decided for Education over Math for my Master's degree, took the requisite tests for applying to CA grad school for teaching Math.  Worked with landscapers and deck folks to replace rotting railroad ties with beautiful rock walls and replace the old brown deck with a new more extensive one made of beautiful cedar and including a ramp in front, a bridge and sandstone patio in back.  Went to several SCA camping events.  (See my SCA general and personal pages for details.)  And other than all of that, generally relaxed.
Fall 03: Thanksgiving in Nebraska with family.  Became an SAT test prep tutor through Kaplan, began applying for temp positions, started Grad School applications.  Went on a cruise to Alaska with my family.
Winter 04: Christmas in Arizona, finished applications, got hired through Volt at Microsoft to temp as a Software Test Engineer again for a while.
Spring 04: Got accepted to school (see my postcard I sent if you want to know which one, or write me and send me your current address so I can send you a postcard.)  Started preparations to sell my house, and got to work packing.    I also hosted my nuclear family for Easter, which was a nice time for us all to get together and a way for everyone to get a chance to see all the updates I had made in summer & fall of '03, since the deck was still in progress when we all got together for the cruise in September.  Shortly after Easter one of my bunnies, Parrie, passed away.  My other bunny Nickel is alive and well and currently adjusting to our new place in California.  (She got a swanky new cage - I think she prefers her old hutch.  However, she's now living indoors so she gets a lot more attention.)
Summer 04: Lined up a new place to rent in CA (the aforementioned postcard has my current info), packed up the house, hired folks to put a second coat on the deck and help with other for-sale preparation projects.  Listed my house, sold it a week later, moved 80% of my stuff to CA through City to City moving containers, and have started unpacking in my new place in CA.

I still have about 80 boxes worth of stuff to deal with, then will close on the house, go to an SCA camping event called Lionheart's Tournament, then continue driving south off into the sunset, literally.  =)
and beyond: Well, that's all the latest with me.  If you didn't receive a copy of my postcard (obviously assuming you are already a friend or family member) please send me your current info so I can get my address book updated.  I will be starting classes soon, then hopefully teaching for a few years, then - who knows?  I may stay as a teacher, may switch to tutoring or training, someday I'd like to get married and stay home the first few years with a young family, but seeing as I'm not currently dating anyone that may be a ways off yet if ever.  That's OK - I always have more planned to do with my life than I can accomplish at any given time, so I'm certainly keeping busy!  Hope to see many of you as I continue to travel, or folks can come visit me (once I get a new futon for the guest room) - just not all at once!  =)


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