Disc Golf


Disc Golf is a fun game where you throw a round disc (smaller than a frisbee and usually made of different polymers) toward (and eventually into) baskets placed around the course.  Just like in regular golf, you may have to go a long distance to get from hole to hole (basket to basket), and you may not always be able to see the hole from the tee.  There are often obstacles (usually in the form of trees or hills, sometimes but not usually water, and there aren't really sand traps because standing in sand isn't much harder than standing anywhere else.) 

Also like regular golf, there are different discs for different purposes, mainly categorized as "driver" discs (for going the bulk of the distance from the tee), "mid-range" discs (which may be helpful for distances that are still a ways off but close enough that a driver might overshoot), and "putters" (yep, you guessed it, those are for short range tosses into the basket.  Putters need to be sturdy to stand up to the chains and center pole in the basket they will be forceably thrown into.  Using a driver can put, while possible to do, may end up damaging and altering the flight characteristics of the disc.)

Many disc golf courses are public parks and free to use, though the discs themselves are a bit pricier (around $8-$40 per disc, usually in the $10-$20 range for a good disc you will throw often, while lower end discs may be too heavy or not uniform enough to fly well, and higher end prices may be for collector's discs with some special printing.)

We enjoy playing disc golf and have had many fun outings with groups of friends for games at disc golf parks.  We even decided to start dating at a disc golf park!

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